• Désormeaux, in 1865, produced the first hystoscope.
  • Pantaleoni in 1869 accomplished the first hysteroscopy using the instrument of Désormeaux. He isolated and cauterized an uterine polyp with silver nitrate.
  • Nitze, in 1879, drew and produced an endoscope using the modern beginnings. 

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    Hysteroscopy as described by S.Duplay and S.Clado, 1898 (this image is in the public domain).

  • Duplay and Clado, in 1898; David, in 1908; Heineberg, in 1914; Rubin, in 1925; Seymour, in 1926; Van Mikulicz, in 1927; Gauss, in 1928; Schroeder, in 1934; Segond, in 1937; Fourestier, Gladu and Vulmiere, in 1952; Mohri and Mohri, in 1954; Norment, in 1956; Palmer, in 1957; Silander, in 1962; Marleschki, in 1966; Edstrom and Fernstrom, in 1970; Lindemann and Mohr, in 1971; Porto and Gaujoux, in 1972; Vulmière, in 1972; Iglesias, in 1975; Lindemann, in 1976; Siegler and Kemman, in 1976; Hopkins, in 1976; March, in 1978 and Sugimoto, in1978-all of them contributed in some way to the technological progress of the method.
  • Hamou, in 1979, idealized the microhysteroscope with panoramic vision and of contact.